. Someone wise once told me that the hardest acts that someone goes through are usually the ones no one knows about. I guess that wraps up my life pretty well.
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I swear my heart lays among the fields of the Maasai Mara.
  • I got a tattoo today of a feather behind my ear. I guess it represents a lot. The main reason I got a feather is because of the issues I’ve had with being native. 

    My dad has struggled with things his whole life and rather than growing from his past he got the idea that his future can’t get better. He chose bad habits over my family and I and ran away. I got this tattoo of a feather because even though my dad and his past blamed all of his issues on being native, I’m proud of it. I’m proud of how free I am and how I have so many opportunities.

    My father was a poor excuse of that and even though he’s long gone now, his presence still lingers. I miss having a dad, I am faced with the same pressures he gave into, and I often feel like the mental illness he is suffering from is genetic. 

    The feather is to remind me that even though my dad didn’t give me a chance, I still have one. I have the potential to be great. I have the ability to grow from his mistakes and to one day, be the best parent even though he is far from a father now. 


    February 4 – 9 Notes
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